What To Do When a Company Violates the TCPA and Calls You Unwantedly

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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a federal law that controls telemarketing calls and text messages. If a company is violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by calling you repeatedly, there are several steps you can take to protect your rights and stop the harassing calls. The steps below will help you protect your…

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Student Debt Relief Scams: Questions and Answers

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Student loan debt has become an uncomfortable or even debilitating reality for many Americans. Federal student loans account for $1.620 trillion of the $1.748 trillion in total debt carried by U.S. students and former students. Unfortunately, new debt forgiveness options have opened the door to a variety of debt forgiveness scams. Before you apply for federal student…

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4 Common Harassment Tactics That Debt Collectors Use

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Creditors often hire debt collectors to collect money owed to them by debtors. Typically, a creditor issues a debtor’s contact information to a debt collector. While debt collectors have every right to call you concerning a debt, they should abide by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). However, debtors might find it challenging to avoid harassment calls…

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6 Tips to Avoid Telemarketing Fraud

It’s no secret that telemarketers can be a nuisance. But did you know that some telemarketers resort to fraud to get your hard-earned money? According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there were about 496,000 complaints about imposter calls in 2021. And that number is only increasing. As a consumer, you should know the different types of…

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Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be an emotional experience. If you are already stressing about losing your assets or a debt that you find hard to pay, you do not want to get stressed further with the law by trying to be malicious. An instance of malice is when you try to hide some property. If…

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Everything You Need to Know About Telemarketing Abuse

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Phones are a great way to connect people, but they can also be used by telemarketers. One telemarketing call here or there may not be a problem, but some people experience telemarketing abuse. If you would like to know more, so you can better protect yourself from unwanted calls, keep reading.  What Protects You From…

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7 Steps for Managing Debt Collection Calls

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Unexpected events happen to everyone, and sometimes those events can cause financial strain. Debt can cause uncertainty and fear when it becomes unmanageable. The situation only becomes worse when aggressive debt collectors get involved. The law protects consumers against some collection tactics. Understanding your rights is vital.  Step One: Demand Detailed Information Always get the…

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Dos and Don’ts When Dealing With a Telemarketer

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Telemarketing is an old tactic, but many businesses still use it for cold calls. With the rise of robocalls, more and more telemarketers can call you, and even scammers are getting involved. If you would like to know more to protect yourself in the event of telemarketing abuse, check out these four dos and don’ts when dealing with a telemarketer.

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3 Ways to Reduce Telemarketing Calls

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If you own or have access to a telephone, you have probably experienced an increase in telemarketing calls during the last few years. These unsolicited calls are often from telemarketers or automated telephone dialers called robocalls. Legally for appointment setting, surveying, tele-sales, and calls to action, they have provided a vehicle now used for nefarious means.

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Are You Experiencing Telemarketer Abuse?

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Phones provide a great way for telemarketers to abuse you, and with the rise of cellphones, they can reach you from anywhere. If you would like to learn more to better protect yourself against fraud and abuse, keep reading. What is Telemarketing Abuse? Telemarking abuse comes in many forms. Telemarketers have a lot of rules…

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