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HLF practices law in the following areas of legal practice: personal injury, debt collection, bankruptcy, breach of contract or contract law, health care law, immigration law, class action lawsuits, and telemarketer abuse cases.  HLF and the network of attorneys they partner with, have it as their goal, to protect you, your family, and your business.  HLF aims to assure its’ clients that with HLF’s help, it is possible to quickly and effectively resolve any legal matter.

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Personal Injury | Debt Collection | Bankruptcy | Contract Law | U.S. Immigration Law | Health Care Law | Class Action Lawsuits | Telemarketer Abuse Cases

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Heidarpour Law Firm, PLLC works with many firms in multiple jurisdictions nationally.  HLF’ and its’ network of specialized attorneys together promises to help you resolve your legal matters.  HLF specifically specializes in eight areas of legal practice including personal injury cases, bankruptcy, debt collection, breach of contract and/or contract law, health care lawU.S. Immigration, class action lawsuits, and even telemarketer abuse cases.  HLF is located in Washington D.C.


Heidarpour Law Firm, PLLC handles lawsuits for consumers who have received unwanted calls from debt collectors, banks and other companies on their cell phones. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), individuals must provide consent to receive certain types of telephone calls, and you have the right to tell these companies, including debt collectors, to discontinue calling you.

If you received unwanted calls to your cell phone, GET MORE INFORMATION at HLF’s website devoted exclusively to these types of cases at http://reporttelemarketerabuse.com.

You may also contact HLF using the REQUEST CONSULTATION form.  HLF assists people who are wrongly contacted by companies looking for a different person, as well as those who were contacted after first requesting that a company stop calling them.   Anyone who was called on a wireless number, whether for personal or business reasons, may have a claim as well, if the telemarketing company did not receive the called party’s prior express written consent.

If you need to register your telephone number with the “National Do Not Call Registry”, and/or for more information on this registry please visit: https://www.donotcall.gov/

It is best practice to collect information about the offending callers.  Fill out HLF’s Report Telemarketer Abuse Form.  You can fill out and submit this form with information about unwanted callers that is helpful for attorneys representing you in your case.  You can view or download the form HERE.

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Bankruptcy LawyersYou should be aware of a few differences between Chapters 7, 11, and 13.  Bankruptcy is a process in which individuals or businesses declare themselves “no longer able” to make payments on outstanding debts that they owe.  The process of bankruptcy prohibits collection agencies and creditors from contacting you regarding your debts, and this process also releases you from certain types of debts.

The difference between filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy are your income level, your current debts, and your financial goals and assets.  Individuals who fall below a certain level of income can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, while those who don’t can instead file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to help those who make little to no money at all, to pay back their debts.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed for debtors who are able to pay back a portion of their debts, through a repayment plan.  That means that if you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will have your assets liquidated, if any.  While if you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you retain and restructure your assets to pay off some of your debt.

Call HLF at 1-202-234-2727 or fill out the REQUEST CONSULTATION form.

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Debt Collection LawyersIf you have been trying to deal with a creditor, or creditors, and you feel that they are harassing you to try and collect on a debt you owe them, you may feel scared, hopeless, and unsure of what you can do to put an end to this sort of mal-treatment. When creditors call you at work, or even make phone calls to your family members; if they verbally insult you, or if they threaten to take certain types of legal action against you, it’s time to consult with a debt collection legal firm like Heidarpour Law Firm, PLLC.

HLF will advocate for you if you are too afraid to deal with these types of creditors alone.  Once HLF is engaged, HLF will intervene on your behalf.  If these creditors continue to unlawfully harass you,  HLF can then take legal measures to put an end to their abuse, while also reporting their illegal behaviors.

If you feel you are a victim of illegal debt collection practices, you do not have to suffer alone.  Call HLF at 1-202-234-2727 or fill out the REQUEST CONSULTATION form.

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Class Action Lawsuit LawyersThe single purpose of a class action litigation or lawsuit is to give the average person a chance to take on some of the biggest private companies and corporations in the world; giving the individual person a chance to address any wrongs done by any of these major entities.

You should not attempt to handle this sort of case on your own, without the help of an experienced attorney.  The process can be overwhelming and extremely frustrating, but class action lawsuits give the average person the opportunity to hold these companies accountable, by grouping together hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people, within one lawsuit.  This gives the legal case a higher level of credibility, and demands that the defendant pay attention.

For some victims involved in class action litigation or lawsuits, this is the only meaningful way for them to address fraud, widespread discrimination, or other similar legal violations.  You can look at cases of class action lawsuits against major car companies and major tobacco companies, in the past, and understand how class action litigation can help.

Call HLF at 1-202-234-2727 or fill out the REQUEST CONSULTATION form.

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Contract LawyersA contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two parties.  Each party within a contract promises to perform a certain duty or service, or pay a certain amount of money to someone.  If one party member or group fails to act as promised, and the other party has fulfilled their own duties under the contract, the wronged party is then entitled to legal aide for a breach of contract.

A breach of contract is a failure to fulfill the services or monies promised within the contract terms.  A contract can be breached in the following ways:

  • One party does not perform a duty or service as they promised
  • One party breaches a “fundamental term” of the contract
  • One party does something that makes it impossible for the other party to perform their own services under the contract
  • One party makes it clear that they do not intend to perform the contract services, thereby permitting the other party to engage in an anticipatory breach

Both written and oral contracts are legally enforceable.  It is best practice to write down the terms of any contract agreement, in case some dispute between the parties should arise, after agreeing to a contract.  If the contract is an oral agreement, the parties of the contract might later remember different details about the contract terms, or forget certain terms altogether, which will make it more difficult to prove the validity of the contract.

An oral contract will not be enforceable if it falls under the statute of frauds.

Call HLF at 1-202-234-2727 or fill out the REQUEST CONSULTATION form.

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Immigration LawyersThere are four basic paths for obtaining lawful permanent residence in the United States:

  • Through a family relationship
  • Through employment sponsorship
  • Through the diversity program
  • Through asylum

Lawful permanent residents are non-U.S. citizens who have authorization to work and live in the United States indefinitely.  They can serve in the U.S. military, but they may not vote.  They have to follow certain rules to maintain their status, both when traveling abroad, and while staying outside of the U.S. for extended periods of time.  They may lose their status if they commit crimes.

Obtaining permanent residence is usually a lengthy and complex process, and requires a careful analysis of an individual’s circumstances.

U.S. Citizenship

A person who has remained a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. for five years (or sometimes three years), and has been physically present in the U.S. for half of that time can qualify for U.S. citizenship.  A person who is married to and residing with a U.S. citizen can typically apply for U.S. citizenship after three years.

Call HLF at 1-202-234-2727 or fill out the INITIAL CONSULTATION form. (Not Free.  Details will be provided.)

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Personal Injury LawyersHLF helps people recover financial compensation for their injuries.  Whether you were injured in an auto accident, experienced a workplace accident, or a slip and fall, our attorneys will review your case and determine if you have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Negligence occurs when a person or a company or corporation fails to act in a safe manner, resulting in the harm to a person.  For example, if a driver fails to follow the speed limit, or sends text messages while driving, and causes a car accident, he or she may be held financially liable in court for any injuries caused to other drivers or pedestrians.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals must maintain a higher standard of care than the average person – because they are tending to the physical needs of their patients.  These professionals are required to provide medical care that adheres to accepted standards of medical practices.  When they fail to act responsibly, resulting in injuries to a patient, medical malpractice may have occurred.

If you were injured due to negligent or reckless behavior involving someone else, our personal injury attorneys may be able to help you receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Call HLF at 1-202-234-2727 or fill out the REQUEST CONSULTATION form.

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HLF Health Care Professional License Defense

Most of the time it starts with a complaint from a patient, your supervisor, a colleague or if you receive a suspension or termination from employment. The next thing that occurs is you receive a communication from the Department of Health Professions Licensing Board to respond to an investigation or to attend a hearing to review your professional license.

Protecting Your Future

There is only one concern: Maintaining your professional license, not getting a license suspension, and avoiding a sanction for ethical violations.  HLF will use their experience, legal resources, and knowledge of professional review board procedures and an aggressive defense strategy to obtain the outcome you desire.

HLF will seek to help you avoid any and all sanctions, including fines.  Schedule an appointment today or fill out HLF’s REQUEST CONSULTATION form.

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